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Best Buy Affiliate Program Review: 1% Commission

Best Buy Affiliate Program Review: 1% Commission

Best Buy has a very well known reputation and is very popular.

They are well known for electronic products and appliances. Is their 1% commission worth it?

Read below about the Best Buy Affiliate program and their 1% commission.

Before I explain their commissions I will discuss the products.

What Type of Products?

Best Buy is mostly sells electronics, appliances for your home and office use.

In the past few years they have expanded their selection to selling drones, smart home security,

and home theater systems.

Best Buy is also known for their sale prices and holiday specials.

The list below should help you decide if their affiliate program is for you.

  • Televisions
  • Laptops and Computers
  • Tablets and eReaders
  • Video Game Consoles and Virtual Reality
  • Headphones, Ear Buds, and Speakers
  • Cell Phones
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Smart home, Security and WiFi
  • Drones and Cameras
  • Activity Trackers and Smartwatches
  • Kitchen Stove and Refrigerators
  • Small Home Appliances
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Printers and Home office
  • Car electronics and GPS

Best Buy has great customer support too. And the geek squad is very helpful.

Best Buy’s Affiliate Program Commissions?

First what is an affiliate program?

It is where a company advertises their products and affiliates earn a commission or

a certain percentage when they refer someone to buy the product.

Basically, any customer you refer and if that customer buys the product you are entitled to a commission.

Some of these commissions may change, but here are the commission rates.

  • Laptops, tablets, desktops, video game hardware (including virtual reality hardware), point of sale (POSA) cards, Apple-branded watches, AirPod and Air Pod Pro. The commission rate for these are 0.0%. Yes, 0%.
  • All other product categories (excluding the 0.0% categories above) 1.0%
  • Geek Squad services, including Total Tech Support 1.0%
  • Mobile phones with service plan activations (excludes plans with iPhone hardware) $5 bounty
  • Fitness equipment and accessories (excludes wearables) 7.0%
  • Baby gear and furniture (Excludes electronics and toys). 7.0%

A bounty is a one-off set-price commissions, regardless of the value of the order.

Therefore, commissions with mobile phones with service plan activations you only get $5 every time you refer someone.

Where Do I sign Up?

To join the Best Buy affiliate program you can sign up with Best Buy directly or

sign up through their partnership with Impact an affiliate network.

What Are The Best Buy Product APIs?

Their APIs give you access to their product catalog, ratings and reviews, categories of data,

and store locations.

Also, with the APIs you get full access to the product information, which

includes pricing, availability, specifications, descriptions and

images for all the products that are within the affiliate program.

Tools Available

Product Links: If you are building a website you have access to all the products available.

Banners/ Images: Adding images to your site in the form of banners is another great idea for visual display of deals and products.

Banners can be used within your sidebar, header, or footer of your website.

Dynamic Rich Media: Most affiliate companies offer the basic text/banner affiliate links,

but Best Buy has a dynamic widget that you can add to your site which shows you current deals under each of the different product categories. This is a great feature for your site.

Earn Money With Best Buy Affiliate Program. How?

If you put in the work you can earn commissions online with any affiliate program.

Best Buy does have a lot of great products so you can earn commissions.

You just need to know where to start.

When selecting an affiliate program, you need to know about it prior, so you can make the best decision.

Let’s review some pros and cons.

Pros/Cons Best Buy Affiliate Program


  • #1 consumer electronics retailer in the world
  • Trusted brand with the largest assortment of products available
  • Broad range of topics to create content for in an ever changing tech atmosphere.
  • Great deals and offers including clearance products which are great when running promotions


  • Low commission rate of 1% on some products
  • Excluded product list which you gain no commission

Alternative Affiliate Programs

Here are a few more alternative affiliate programs that might be of interest for you.

  • Microsoft: This tech company is ahead of the game and has great commissions from 5-10%.
  • Fitbit: Has a small reputation with the tech industry, but it is still popular because health is a priority. Also, their commission rates run about 12%.
  • Another popular affiliate program is amazon. Amazon has commission rates from 5 to 10%.
  • A lot of people have success with amazon due to the great reputation.

#1 Affiliate Training Online

This sums up the Best Buy affiliate program. Now you are probably asking yourself how do I earn money???

How do I make my website profitable?

Have you spent hours and days wondering what am I missing?? How can I start seeing results?

You are not alone.

There are many newbies online that are lost and jumping from one affiliate guide to the next.

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