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Odi Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ Course Review-Is It A Scam

Odi Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ Course Review-Is It A Scam

The Affiliate Marketing Champ Course Review-Is It A Scam? Will It Make You Money Online

Odi affiliate marketing champ course is said to be different from others. What is it really about? Will you find success with Odi online marketing training program? Or is it just HYPE!

If you look through youtube searching for testimonials about the affiliate marketing champ course, you will find people saying the course is worth the money.

I personally think his course is just scratching the surface with affiliate marketing. Odi does teach some free marketing techniques, but most of the training is centered around paid traffic.

Anyway, here is a little bit about Odi.

First, a little bit about Odi Productions

About Odi Productions: He is said to be a genius when it comes to affiliate marketing. He dropped out of college to pursue affiliate marketing after his business started to take off.

He is also known as transparent and helpful, as he does offer help through his facebook page for those who buy the course.

He has been doing affiliate marketing for about 3-4 years and has been hitting $30,000+ a month from just affiliate marketing.

Odi is the founder of RecordingNOW.com. He has been producing music for almost a decade now and he says he has worked every job in the industry from making beats, to recording live vocals and instruments, to mixing and mastering songs and albums, to setting up studios, and pretty much everything in between.

He has sold hundreds of original beats online along with reaching over 2 million views on his Youtube channel.

As you can probably tell by now, He LOVEs working with music and it’s his passion. Which is what brought him to RecordingNOW.com

Here is my HONEST review of Odi Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ Course.

First, I have to say that a scam is when you get nothing for your money. Odi’s course is not a scam, there are some good marketing tips. However, he only scratches the surface.

Also, there is a better offer to learn affiliate marketing if you are a beginner or if you want to earn passive income. This offer I’m talking about is way cheaper too, and has a lot more training to offer. Keep reading!

Back to the course.

The course started at a price of about $500. Now it is at $1000, and closing soon. I came across Odi when I was searching on youtube for ways to make money with affiliate marketing. And I came across the affiliate marketing champ Odi.

I came across Odi’s youtube channel and saw that he had many views and subscribers.

A few of his videos mentioned that he teaches you how to build a website by using wordpress. Also, a few of his videos do give some good tips about how to start marketing online.

He mainly says without a mentor, most people fail. And he is right! Proper training is needed in order to succeed online.

He also mentions that video marketing is one of best ways to help any online business. This is also, true, as video marketing is HUGE!

The website(clickfunnel) that links to Odi’s course has some testimonials. But have these people really made money from his training or just by selling the course???

What Does Odi’s Affiliate Marketing Champ Course Offer

The course is said to be for those who have no online business experience.

Or, if you don’t know where to start with affiliate marketing.

Or, if you already have a business, but want more profits.

Or, you are looking to earn 100% passive income to give you the lifestyle and freedom that you’ve always desired.

The Affiliate Marketing Champ Course Includes the following:

  • Odi Productions’ Affiliate Marketing Masterclass
  • one on one email support
  • exclusive access to Facebook Group Mastermind
  • Odi Productions’ Secret Google/Youtube SEO Ranking Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing Cheat Sheet Tool (10 Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Websites/Blogs reverse-engineered!)
  • Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Website Tutorial


Break Down of The Course!

  1. The Odi’s course includes an explanation about what is affiliate marketing and why it’s the best online business today!

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Affiliate Marketing Best Business, Reasons Why

Reason 1. One of the reasons why affiliate marketing is the best online business is because it is easier to sell other people’s products/services than your own. It is easier to sell a brand that already has a reputation, than you trying to sell your own, because most likely no one has heard of your brand. It is basically easier to piggyback on products that are known to be best sellers.

Reason 2. There is less risk with affiliate marketing, because you do not have to buy the product or distribute it, or ship it. You don’t have to handle customer complaints or refunds. All you have to do is sell and promote. This can be started with a simple website and youtube channel that has low cost. It cost less than $100 to start.

Reason 3. You learn marketing and sales. Two of the most valuable skills in any business. A very valuable skill that is being learned, which can be used in any online business.

Reason 4. You build passive income for months/years once everything is set up, while focusing on another passion.

Last reason 5, affiliate marketing has a lot of opportunity and it is a business model. You sell through referrals and recommendations. Selling by having affiliates with people you partner with, that never goes out of style. Word of mouth can never go out of style. And the business is limitless. There is no limit to how much you can earn. Whether it is a $100 or $20,000 a month.

More From the Course

2. The Best examples of successful affiliate marketing in the real world.

3. Step by step plan on how to start a successful affiliate marketing business

4. The most profitable niches in Affiliate Marketing revealed

In order to invest in a niche that is profitable I would look for something that you are passionate about or already know a lot about. If you invest in something you already know about, it is easier to put out content and value for your customers.

5. How to rank on the first page of Youtube and Google (Top Secret)

Best possible way to rank on youtube or google is by ranking for free, and this is done through keyword research. Keyword research allows your website or video to rank organically (for free) if you use the right keywords.

Youtube works the same, but having a flashy thumbnail helps big time. Also, it is easier to rank on youtube than google, if everything is done right.

In order to get traffic, you need keyword research. Many affiliate marketers don’t stress the point of keyword research. Odi does not teach this strategy. Having the right keywords can help you rank organically, this then allows you to have your content advertised on google for free!

6.  A secret paid traffic source that will turbocharge your results

Using paid traffic can get you more views with youtube, giving you more watch time, giving you more comments, more subscribers, which leads to more of your videos getting promoted on youtube and leading to getting ranked more organically. Since it is paid traffic beginners won’t be able to use this much. Paid traffic can be expensive.

7. How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website from Scratch in one hour

The best way and easiest way to create a website is through wordpress and this can be done through many online marketing courses. You don’t need Odi’s course to do this effectively. A website can also be created for free through Wix.com. There are many videos on youtube to learn how to use Wix in order to make a website.

8. How to create a Facebook Ad for Affiliate Marketing.

Facebook Ads can be very expensive, mostly because no one is guaranteed to click on your ad. You can spend a lot of money creating ads and make no profit. Many people are new to ads and this takes experience and money.

9. How to Use Click funnels, the #1 tool for Affiliate Marketers.

I would not say this is the top number one tool. Click funnels are very expensive. I added more detail about click funnels down below, towards the bottom. Click funnels basically replaces a landing page. No matter what you need traffic. You can have best looking page and no traffic.

No Traffic means no money.

Click Funnels

  • Standard plan is available for $97 per month and offers all the funnel features in this service
  • EtisonElite plan is available for $297 per month and has bundles of more features such as Actionetics and Backpack.
  • Other page builders and add-ons can be chosen, and they range from $199 to $2,400 per month

10. Email Marketing 101-Step by Step Setup and Templates.

Email marketing can also be taught for a cheaper price with other training programs. My number one recommendation is mentioned down below. And my recommendation is cheaper as mentioned. Keep reading.

11. His Top 5 Mistakes with Affiliate Marketing (Wish he knew When he started…)

Then at the end, of the course you can make money by promoting his course. This is something that is being done by most of the people who buy his course. This is where I decided to look deeper into what his course has to offer.

As I was looking around through youtube at people’s testimonials, I noticed that almost every person who was selling Odi’s course had many views, but not too many subscribers.

So then I decided to go look at their channels and some hardly have any videos. Most of the people who are marketing Odi’s course don’t even have their youtube channel set up properly.

There are a few with some videos, but most of the channels do not have much video marketing.

Most of the people just have a testimonial video leading back to Odi’s course. The course is connected back to Odi below all the testimonial videos by what is called a click funnel. This is a sales tactic people!

What is a click funnel? This is something you need to know.

His course does have some good marketing tips, but most of it is just to sell his course to others.

Yeah it’s all just a SALES TACTIC! The only training you’ll get is how to market that exact program.

Not like affiliate marketing, you learn a real technique that doesn’t require you to sell what you just bought, but how to make money selling other people’s products.

One example of someone’s youtube channel.

This one only has few videos as you can see. And of course a testimonial video leading back to the affiliate marketing champ course.

On the first channel I have here above has 3 videos that lead back to Odi’s course.

On this channel here above there is about 200 subscribers.

 This one has 44 subscribers.  This one has few more videos, but not really much of a market is focused here on this channel.

 This is about 44 subscribers. Also, not much of a channel set up here either.


This one here is not much of a channel set up for marketing either. Do you see the pattern???

There are a few channels where there are more videos and I have seen a few channels with many subscribers. However, this is very few and these people are promoting their own business.

Also, some of these people who appear to be promoting their own business have several videos only leading to Odi’s course. This is very deceiving if you ask me.

Conclusion Of Odi Productions Affiliate Marketing Course

In conclusion, the Odi productions affiliate marketing champ course does give some good ideas for helping your business, but I do honestly think you can get more for your money.

I would not recommend spending your money into this course, especially if you don’t have much of a budget and you want to learn. This course now costs $1,000.

Far better training offer down below!

The only way that you could rank easily on search engines without keyword research is if you have an established website. Meaning your website is aged and content is produced at least 3 times a week.

But yes, if you want to rank easily without any keyword research and your site is new, then Pay Per Click (PPC) is how you do that.

However, content is KING, the more content, the better you’ll be.

Back to click funnels.

Quick Review On Click Funnels

Are click funnels really going to make you fast money? What are click funnels? These questions you need to ask before doing anything else.

Russell Brunson is co-founder Click funnels software which is what basically helped increase his conversions and profit. But this might not work for everyone.

He has published and sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

  • Standard plan is available for $97 per month and offers all the funnel features in this service
  • EtisonElite plan is available for $297 per month and has bundles of more features such as Actionetics and Backpack.
  • Other page builders and add-ons can be chosen, and they range from $199 to $2,400 per month


  • Click funnels replace email auto-responders and landing page software
  • This is website hosting and landing page software for your business
  • has available split testing modules to help publish a refinded product in the market
  • there is a 14 day trial
  • third party integration so all your business is in one place (click bank, paypal, getResponse, all connected to click funnels)

Cons of Clickfunnels:

  • Material and content hosting is not in your control. If you have a lot of content and the website shuts down for any reason, you could lose everything, all data gone.
  • Webinars funnel lacks in features as compared to other services
  • The design templates are not as attractive as those of Leadpages
  • Pricing is high
  • Limits on the number of funnels, pages and visitors with the standard plan
  • Can be overwhelming at first as you learn everything

In short, truth is you can have the best looking landing page, but no matter what you need to drive traffic. A website with a 100% conversion rate and no visitors gets you nothing.

If you have a small business, all this stuff is not necessary. It is very possible to make your website simple and attractive.

In order to get traffic, you need keyword research. Many affiliate marketers don’t stress the point of keyword research.

Yes, you can spend your money and advertise around social media. But this can cost a lot of money. It can be hard to market by using paid advertising, unless you have experience. Therefore all you need is proper training.

There are many ways to market online for free. Odi does teach you how to build a website, but there is so much you could learn for a Thousand Dollars.

My Recommendation

What if you could have access to a training platform that is dedicated to affiliate marketers and helping internet entrepreneurs? This training has a free sign up and you can view the training for free for 7 days.

Free test drive of an online system and training program that has helped many affiliate marketers succeed.

This platform is to help create a successful businesses online. There is access to two free websites upon sign up. You can learn how to build your website with wordpress and learn search engine optimization techniques, such as keyword research.

How the training works. 4 steps. Step one choose an interest (niche), step 2 build a website, Step 3 attract visitors, and step 4 earn revenue!

Everything here is taught by step by step videos and live webinars. There is training to learn the true art of affiliate marketing and training to help your local business grow.

There is a community of over 850,000 people, plus access to the founders, all for any help you might need.

There are no up-sells here in order to access more training. Support 24/7 through a community of people and support for your website if something goes wrong.

Click here to read my full review. The sign up is free. You have nothing to lose.

No experience required. This training is for beginners and experienced marketers.

Tools Available Inside

  • Keyword and Research Tool (Jaaxy)- an affiliate marketer’s main need to succeed in online marketing. The subscribers at Wealthy Affiliate have access to keyword research with no extra cost.
  • Two Free Websites– all members get access to two free websites, which are installed and hosted on state of the art cloud hosting. This allows for no extra fees with hosting.
  • Website Builder Tool-Easy Website Builder allows one to build a completely functioning WordPress website within a few minutes.
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder Tool-Easy Website Builder allows one to build a completely functioning WordPress website within a few minutes.
  • Templates- for writing. This makes it easy to store and write content for one’s website. Subscribers are able to export whatever they write at the click of a button.
  • Link Tracker-with a subscription one can easily know how well links are performing. In addition to the training and tools, there are great services provided by the company.
  • Campaign Manager-allows marketers to successfully make campaigns.
  • AffiliateBoot Camp– step by step videos to learn true art of affiliate marketing


Join Now. Free test drive. Click Banner below, access direct website.


Ali is currently a member of the worlds largest internet marketing and mentoring program. As an online marketer she has a passion for helping others achieve success in their life and their business by leveraging the power of the internet. To find out more about how you can be earning your income online today contact me personally.

One thought on “Odi Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ Course Review-Is It A Scam
  1. Hi Ali 🙂
    Good reviews on programs. I believe that wealthy affiliate is the way to go! Can’t get much better than that!

  2. Hi Ali,
    This a fantastic review of Odi Productions Affiliate Champ Course. I have never heard about it but the structure, advertising, and youtube testimonials remind me the Internet Jetset by John Crestani. Honestly, in the beginning, I thought it would be the review of that one.
    I am not a fan of that kind of courses. For me, it is more of a making money out of YOU businesses. They promise you to make 5 numbered salaries, but in reality, when you actually buy the program, it does not have a well-structured course, more of amateur videos with recommendations. Also, it would be asking you to invest more if you would like to be a pro.
    No, it is not a scam, but it is more of making money out of other people desire to make money out of a home. Too many promises but not much of a value.

  3. Hi Ali!
    Your article is very instructive. I am already a wealthy affiliate member and I thinks it’s the best site to start a web business. Thanks for all the informations you give about Odi.

  4. It sounds interesting. However, I love the training at Wealthy Affiliate. It is affordable enough that you won’t go broke trying to make your first dollar. It may take a few months, but even with expensive courses, it will take you a few months. Trust me, I hired one of those expensive mentors. I didn’t get anywhere. It was super frustrating.
    Wealthy Affiliate is honest with you. They tell you it takes awhile to start seeing traffic and getting sales. It can take 3-4 months for the search engines to trust your site and start referring people to it. Therefore, you shouldn’t get discouraged when you’ve only been working at your site for a month, which was what I did before joining and committing to the process!

  5. Hey Ali thank you so much for helping me understand what the Odi Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ is, I had no clue that it was all just a sales funnel type of program.

    I really don’t like pyramid scheme types of program where you have to basically sell what you just bought into, it’s not a real online technique in my opinion.

    It seems to me that this Odi guy wants to teach affiliate marketing but falls short with the real training needed and support needed.

    I know affiliate marketing is a great online technique, but I feel that Odi doesn’t teach that and the prices to join his program seems up there!

    Is there a training or program that you could maybe point me in the right direction that could teach me what affiliate marketing is all about?

    Thanks for this review Ali, really helped me dodge a bullet!

    1. Yes his course does seem like a pyramid scheme. Everyone who buys the course, can only market the course and hope to make money off it. Odi’s affiliate marketing course is expensive. Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable and really teaches the true art of affiliate marketing, without just selling one product. One really learns how to market online with any niche he or she chooses.

  6. Odi is a very smart guy and he has done a lot for himself. But looks like his program is way too much money to get started with, especially since I’m a beginner. The free sign up with Wealthy Affiliate sounds like such a good deal. I will check it out. Sounds like there is a lot of value with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for the review.

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