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Is AWOL Academy A Scam-Will You Succeed

Is AWOL Academy a Scam? Full Review

AWOL Academy helps many people build a successful business online, even if you are a newbie.  Is AWOL Academy a scam or legit? This article will cover a full review about the program. I am not apart of AWOL. This is just a review.

AWOL Academy Review.

At some point AWOl Academy was Project AWOL, the name was changed. Project AWOL came first and AWOL Academy is the main name.

Project AWOL was the name of Kameron’s team within a multi-level marketing company (MLM) called Empower Network. Empower Network is now gone, bankrupt.

After Project AWOL and Empower Network broke apart, Keala and Kameron formed AWOL Academy as their own training program.

It is a “high-ticket” business that is very expensive. The First initial charge is $99, then it just gets more expensive.

Stay till the end if you don’t have much money to invest with and want to do affiliate marketing. There is a free sign up offer waiting down below.

Before I get started I must mention that a scam online is when you receive nothing in return and all your money is wasted. AWOL Academy has many products to help someone market their business online. Therefore, it is not a scam.

Keala Kanae

Different Levels of AWOL Academy

There are six different levels within the academy. Each level includes different types of levels and different training levels for online marketing. Following include…

How Much Does AWOL Academy Cost:

Pro Academy

  • $99 Foundation of your business
  • For beginners/Hold your hand
  • Step by step to help you create a sales funnel, which turns visitors into paying customers
  • Website, domain, and lead pages, email responders, split testing programs and thorough explanations of affiliate marketing, all done for you


Total of 25 videos

In order to access the module you first watch a welcome video, set up your profile, answering questions about yourself and laying out your goals. Then you watch another video on how Keala & Kameron got started with affiliate marketing.

After this is completed, you will schedule a coaching call. There are a few upsells within this module itself.  As you are walked through landing pages, email auto responders, spilt testers, you are talked into buying more.


  • Landing page program costs $48-79 per month
  • Email auto responder costs 15 per month
  • Split testing program costs 12-17 per month

This is a decent foundation to build with, however, there still is a lot left to learn with each aspect of affiliate marketing that they show you.

Inbox Academy $447

  • teaches you how to increase your profits from an email list
  • Shares “secret” techniques that pro email marketers use


Now your $99 buy from earlier seems like nothing. This module is an email list used to get your message, your offers, and your promotions out to masses of people. The module covers concepts behind writing persuasive emails that your audience will not only open, but continue to be engaged with.

Inbox Academy is said to have secret strategies used by the world’s best email marketers to magnify the amount of subscribers who see, open, and consume your content so that you maximize your potential with the least effort.

One of these strategies was said to double their clicks & profit. Which one? The one priced for $447. So you will have to buy the next level eventually.

Conversion Academy $1,797

  • Here you turn the customers into paying customers, more advanced then Pro Academy
  • Teaches you how to use “hypnotic” language to convince people to buy
  • Mostly teaches you how to sell from a more psychological viewpoint

In affiliate marketing conversions are key, or you make nothing.

This training module priced close to $2000 claims to have their most desirable conversion secrets.” Teaching you all the hypnotic language so your audience will have an irresistible desire to buy your products and services.

I honestly don’t think the teaching is focused on the possibility of hypnotizing your audience. It is just training on conversion strategies that work versus conversion strategies that don’t based on their research.

Traffic Academy $2,997 Here it is explained that without traffic you wont convert customers to buy…Period.

  • How to get great quality traffic for your website
  • Teaches you how to get targeted traffic basically

Now because consistent traffic is important , you would think about buying this first after the pro Academy if it wasn’t $3,000.

This module claims to bring “high converting, targeted traffic ready to buy now” along with more secrets to overflow your website with quality visitors.

Originally this was $997, now it has increased.

Masters Academy $5,497

  • How to build long term wealth online
  • If you buy up to this level, then you are making decent money, just have to keep it consistent
  • This level involves seeing your business from a bigger point of view
  • Training here is information from top internet marketers

This training is learning how to manage your riches. At this point you have spent over $6 grand.

The module covers money management, strategic tax planning, investing, and more. I don’t know more of what is covered here. However, this is way too much money at this point.

If you knew the training cost so much you wouldn’t even think about buying into the first one priced at $99

AWOL Elite $9,997

  • Top level of AWOL Academy
  • In this level its all about being and staying on top of everything you have accomplished online
  • All inside info in this level and good income
  • Live support, not included in any other level.

The AWOL Elite means you get weekly 2 hour webinars and personal mentoring & private access to Keala and Kameron via an exclusive FaceBook group.

Keala Kanae and Kameron George are the founders that I mentioned earlier. I am sure you have seen videos online where both guys are inside the same house.

If you have seen these videos online you will notice that they both have the same story how they started online. Their sales pitch is basically that they were working at a coffee house and then, later they were able to grow a business online.

The sales pitch is focused on how they went from zero to make a lot of money online.

Kameron George is seen here from an online business called Elite Push. Now that you have seen the same people trying to market two different businesses, I am sure you realize that both companies, AWOL Academy and Elite Push are founded by the same people.

Back to the training modules.

First initial buy is $99 which is not bad. The webinar I saw spent a lot of time talking


about the value you will get with the Academy without going into detail of the pricing of their individual training modules.

The increasingly expensive modules that follow can empty your wallet.

Fact is that once you purchase all of AWOL Academy’s training modules, you will have spent over $10,000, and this does not include the Elite package.

Who Is AWOL Academy for

Once you buy into this program you will need some extra money on hand. And I mean Extra, in addition to the minimum payment of $99. Why?

First, you will be convinced to buy the additional training offered. Once you are a member, you will have to buy additional training that is pushed on you. Second, the way you get traffic is by Paid Advertising.

Everything online is based on getting traffic, without it you will make nothing.

Of course there are ways to get free traffic vs. paid traffic.

Paid Advertising

One way to pay for traffic is by doing ads around social media.

Paid advertising can be difficult and you can lose a lot of money. Mainly because most people do not have any experience with creating ads.

Some paid traffic is done through sales funnel, which is basically done with click funnels, which can cost more money.

So do you need all this training from AWOL??

All the training in Pro Academy for $99 isn’t enough to start off with, so you will be likely to buy into the Traffic Academy. Get Ready To Pay More!

Again paid ads are not easy to do… A lot of money can be spent.

The Secret-What They Don’t want you to know

The system here is to make sales for AWOL Academy. All the sales funnels, lead pages, etc. are all there to sell AWOL Academy to others.

For example, if you want to start your own niche about exercising or whatever, you need to think this through. Not saying this is impossible. Just saying their program is made to sell AWOL.

This is one of those systems where people make big bucks by promoting AWOL. First you buy into it, and then you get others to buy into it, that sell the products.

How The Commission Works

 If others are willing to pay for the training. AWOL Academy affiliate program cost 39.995/month

  • Commissions 30% of what your referrals purchase
  • Access to done for you sales funnels
  • Must purchase traffic academy to participate

The commission here is very lucrative. If you know people willing to pay this much money. Everything here cost money. I think it is too much to get started.

All the sale funnels and lead pages are designed to sell AWOL, which leads to others that buy into it to sell the Academy products.

This is just another high priced program online, that has an enticement to sell to others.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend money to buy into any other modules. Building traffic is essential with affiliate marketing, but I wouldn’t spend $3,000 to learn.

Are there those who have succeed with AWOL Academy? Yes. And if you are willing to spend this kind of money, more power to you.

AWOL Academy is a legitimate Internet Marketing, Education, and Mentoring Platform. However, the courses are very expensive compared to other opportunities out there today.

I would personally look for a program that is more supportive and has no up-sells. Read on.

What I Recommend?

 The Academy does give a lot of great training, it is just priced very high. And most people don’t know what they are getting into.

The commission structure is so lucrative, because the members sell the high priced products to others plus, they up-sell to the existing members.

I don’t recommend for you to spend this kind of money. The whole program is made to sell AWOL Academy, everything done through a sales funnel.

My Recommendation

Click here to read about my number one recommendation, which has no up sells. Here you will find training to market online for any niche, tools, and support 24/7 from people all over the world.

It is a community of people from all over the world. Everyone tries to help if someone is having a problem. They teach how to make money online through affiliate marketing tactics.

Why this is better than AWOL

 My opinion, lots of training for a lot less money. And the sign up is free. You are allowed to try it out for free.

Training is provided at a less expensive price and you get many ways to get free traffic. You don’t have to spend your money on ads and sales funnels.

There is a great online community to communicate with and ask any questions you may have.

With the training offered you will learn how to create a free website, drive traffic to this site and make money through affiliate marketing.

This is a great place for beginners and experienced marketers. The training is step by step with videos to watch. And remember no up sells here.

The best part is the offer of the free test drive to start. Read my full review, lot more to learn here and more worth your money.

Any questions, comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




One thought on “Is AWOL Academy A Scam-Will You Succeed
  1. I was drawn to those AWOL YouTube videos that I saw in the sidebar when looking for keto recipes. Not that I was going to sign up, but I wanted to see how they did their sales pitch and how much the program cost.
    You only find out how deep the “rabbit hole” goes at AWOL after you pony up $99, which I saw as a big red flag.
    It is a shame that this is what people feel the need to do to earn money. Never-mind promoting a quality education, just take, take, take.

    1. Yes the program is crazy expensive. Online marketing does not cost a lot to start. You just need the right place to learn.

  2. I hadn’t heard of AWOL before, but it sounds very similar to many other companies who promote these types of strategies, upselling internally to promote an even bigger ticket item that promises more money to be made. It’s not realistic for average people to do, and isn’t clear on how it makes you money until you’ve spent so much of your own. I’m glad I’ve found this post and shown me what it’s about so I am more aware now of these types of offers. Thanks for the informative post.

  3. I have never heard of AWOL Academy before, but it really doesn’t seem like it is actually offering anything of real value. I’m all in favor of looking into stuff to get a second income source, but these trainings will but a serious damper on your revenue.

    I have looked at Wealthy Affiliate as well. In terms of how to monetize a niche, it seems to be a much better value than AWOL academy.

  4. I must admit the name sounds a little too cringe if you ask me. Thank you for your helpful info, as I KNOW I won’t be paying this much money for a system where the owner just cares about himself and his company, not the ones making him all the money. I mean, there’s no way newbies are going to have $10,000 lying around for something that’s not even guaranteed to earn you even a dime. Great job on the article, keep it up.

  5. I would not join AWOL. The amount of money that they ask for sounds scammy. I know affiliate marketing is a low-cost high-profit business. Furthermore, the bottom line is that you have to put in the work. I think anyone who wants to be an affiliate should come in motivated to do themselves.

  6. I was really interested in joining AWOL Academy until I read your in depth review. I really want to learn how to make money online, but I feel that Awol Academy is somewhat like a pyramid scheme don’t you think?

    I really don’t feel like buying a product and trying to resell that same product to other people, I want something more than that.

    Is there something out there where I don’t have to buy into a program and try to resell that same program? I’m done with pyramid scheme programs.

    Thanks for your review, helped me dodge another bullet.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a program where you learn how to build your own online business and you dont have to promote the company. Everything they teach is step by step and it teaches ways to do affiliate marketing. It really affordable, free sign up, and free test drive. There are no up sells, once you are a member, you get access to all the training. There is training on how to rank for free on google. There are also live webinars every week. Wealthy Affiliate also teaches how to market your own local business. It is a great program for beginners. Sounds like it would be great for you.

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