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Builderall MailingBoss Review- Unlimited Email Marketing Forever

Builderall MailingBoss Review- Unlimited Email Marketing Forever

The email marketing system inside of Builderall is MailingBoss.

All money made online is generated through email marketing. So you need an automated platform.

Having an automated platform do all the work for you is the best way to do email marketing.

Lot of news has been going around about builderall and mailingboss. 

Supposedly you can easily create email campaigns and 

sequences that respond to the behavior of your leads so you can make more sales. 

But, honestly you need to set up all email follow ups to be persuasive and convincing

or you won’t get any sales. 

There used to be a really good deal with mailingboss, that you get unlimited subscribers and 

send out the emails for great price.

The deal was mailingboss for $50 unlimited email marketing forever. Now it gone!

Truth About Mailingboss

Builderall is advertised as an all in one digital marketing platform with many tools. 

However, many of the top affiliates use another platform for their email marketing. 

Many top affiliates use other platforms because mailingboss sends lot of mail to spam. 

In fact, the number one used platform by most of the affiliates is Get Response. 

Get Response is free too for first month when using this link here!

Get Response has great delivery! It goes straight to the inbox, as long as you have a domain name email set up. 

A domain email is what you need no matter what platform you use for email marketing anyway.

The domain email makes your emails look more professional and it keeps the messages from going into the spam box. 

Mailingboss is great platform but it doesn’t work as efficiently as other platforms. 

This is why many marketers use Get Response or something else. 

In my opinion MailingBoss looks a little old fashion anyway. Check the photos below. 

Here is one photo of mailingboss. In my opinion this looks a little old fashion.

Get Response below!

See with Get Response you get this nice display with all your emails visible for easy access.

There is 24/7 support with chat online and great pricing. Check below!

For your first month it is free. You can test out the email marketing completely for free for one month.

Besides mailingboss looking a little out of date, there have been many changes to the whole platform and

the pricing is not the same. 

As mentioned there was a sale once with mailingboss. It was great deal.

It was unlimited email marketing forever for $50. But is not available.

It didn’t last long. And like I said, most top affiliates used other platforms for their email marketing despite the sale. 

The top affiliates use other platforms because like I said, the messages go to spam. 

Even if you use a domain name email address, some messages still go to spam. 

Get Response for Email Marketing

Get great delivery platform for all your emails and 24/7 support from the company. 

Get Response has live webinars to help grow your email marketing skills and great tools that are easy to use. 

Watch this video here to see how easy it is to create a pop up for your website. 

And don’t forget the great pricing they have, especially if you are just starting to build your list. 

Right now for beginners I would recommend the $15/month for a list of one thousand subscribers. 

Once you get above 1K for your list then I would recommend upgrading your plan. 

You will really like Get Response. The support team is always there for you and

your emails will have great delivery, as well as great features to use. 

keep reading and see my best recommendation at the bottom!

Email Marketing Basics

Basically, you have a lead magnet of some kind or have a landing page and you are giving away something for free.

They are opting into a sequence of emails and most people keep the list short, couple of emails.

It is good to take them through a long sequence; a long-term funnel using valuable content and

just keep adding to the list.

Try to make a 30-day sequence so you can track all the sales that are coming, so

you can see how much money a 30-day sequence of emails is worth to you.

This way whatever money you are spending on advertisement, you can see what profit you are making.

Do not sell every time, you need to build trust.

It takes a couple months of you providing value and

building relationship before you can have a good open rate and

click thru rate.

You have to show that you are a valuable resource and that they can trust you.

It can take one month of having no links in the emails to build the trust.

So this is something you have to do for that long term goal.

Think about the long-term value of that lead, think about that life time value of your lead.

7 Tips For Email Marketing

  1. Build a Relationship with your email list

The customer signed up for free so don’t sell right away, provide

valuable information that will help them.

Deliver on your promise of free valuable information.

For example, give them some free info about fitness or weight loss.

Send videos giving them advice or tips, somewhere so they can get more information. This will help to build a relationship. Once they see what you look like, this will help to build trust.

The money is not in the list, it is not how big of a list you have, it’s

all about the relationship when you are building your list.

2. Put time into the subject Line

The subject line decides if they are going to open it or not, so this is important.

Think of a catchy subject line so they will open it but don’t make it too spammy.

Make it like a headline, like a youtube title, Think about what your email is about.

Make it so they are curious so they open it.

3. Keep it short and to the Point

It’s better to keep the email short and to the point, people don’t really read their email, they scan it.

So keep the fluff out, don’t over think what you have to say, just say it!

4. Space out the text in the email

Max you should have 3 lines together.

Reasons why= People don’t read their email, they scan it.

So when it is spaced out they almost end up reading it because it makes it easier to read.

Example, Thank you for subscribing to my email list.



Here is your Free Ebook about whatever…

Then space, space.

People scan the email, they want to get to the point, so keep it short.

If there are some valuable tips, they will read it.

You can look at your competitor, opt into theirs and see how they do it. See what works.

5. Send them to other Funnels

So just because they opt in once doesn’t mean you can’t send them somewhere else.

You can always send them to a blog post or YouTube video.

Keep them interested and engaged by using content.

(The video doesn’t have to be yours, as long as its helpful information)

Send them to a funnel you put together that is valuable and maybe it has something promotional at the end where you are selling a product.

6. Segmenting

Means if they open a certain email they are going to get sent a different email, then

the person that didn’t open the email.

Same thing if they clicked on the link in your email, maybe you don’t want to send the person another

promotional email if he already clicked on something.

Or people that didn’t click on the link you can send them more emails that are helpful.

7. Treat your Email list like you are talking to them One on One

Be personal with your list and treat it as if you are talking to them as a friend, one on one.

Make like a conversation.

You can use their name, make the opt in page so they can put in their first name.

Use the name in the subject line or in the emails so it’s more personal.

The opt in rate might go down, but it might help in the long run, have to test it out.

So go through these tips when you are doing your email marketing and remember to have that longer email sequence (30days) so there is a long term value with your customer.

All In One Training Platform

To get all the affiliate training you need, check out my number one recommendation. 

Also, there is a free test drive and you get a free website when signing up. 

When signing up with My number One Recommendation you get all the training below and more.

  • SEO, keyword research, access to JAAXY keyword research tool.
  • Learn how to Rank your website page of Google free, no paid ads
  • Social media marketing training (facebook, google, Pinterest, youtube, and more).
  • Learn how to build sales funnels
  • training for drop shipping
  • Live event training every Friday (so many topics)
  • How to build a website
  • hosting included for 10 websites and one free website upon sign up
  • 24/7 support Live chat and support from WA community
  • Affiliate Boot camp training (can be used for any marketing online)
  • Templates for building your websites
  • Campaign Manager
  • Link tracker
  • learn paid ads
  • how to get traffic


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