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Facing Unemployment-Problem

Facing Unemployment-Problem

Facing an Unemployment Problem

Facing unemployment today is difficult, because of the economy. When someone is unemployed he, or she might do different things to survive. One option could be depending on the government with the use of unemployment checks.

Unfortunately, someone can not rely on those checks alone for long, simply because it is not enough. If you are relying on unemployment checks, you need to consider an additional source for income.

Having an internet connection can seriously help searching for an additional source of income. There are many opportunities with the internet today, such as affiliate programs, and running a home business with an idea you already have.

Running a business with the use of the internet can lead to substantial income, despite the economy. Many people are succeeding in their home businesses, because people are looking for solutions.

What To Focus On

In order to succeed in any home business online, you need to consider a training program that focuses on the basics of internet marketing. Even if you are a pro at internet marketing, the basics and advanced skills need to be refined–especially, if you want to earn a substantial income from home.

Many online marketers do not know how to get targeted traffic to their website. In order to get targeted traffic, you have to know keyword research.

Another tool that requires training in order to get traffic to a website, or a landing page is social media. Many online marketers do not understand that you can not be too business orientated on social media sites. Talking too much about business on social media sites, such as Facebook, and Twitter, will lead to people ignoring your business.

Social media is designed so that people can find a common interest with others. Building a relationship through social media is the foundation to a successful business online. Therefore, to have a successful business online you need to understand the ways of building that trustful relationship online.

Marketing online can be difficult when the economy is in a recession, or a depression. However, there are some things you can do daily to profit online. The number one reason for using the internet when running a business is people are searching for answers – especially when the economy is suffering.

I will list and explain some simple things you can implement when marketing a business online. I will also mention what to avoid.

First, you need to have a daily article, video, or blog posted. Taking daily action can increase your business online dramatically. Post something daily on Twitter by using RSS feeds. Once people see that you are posting different links to your business, you will appear as a leader.

Being a leader online will increase your followers and viewers. Having an online business means that you cannot wish for success, you have to make it happen. Even if you are getting views, it does not mean that you stop making videos or blogs.

When it comes to advertising on the internet, it is basically a numbers game. Your online business can reach massive success simply because you have one more blog posted online. My advice to you, is to increase what is already working. It is a fact that many super bowls are won by one touchdown.

Second, find out what your customers want. This can be done by using surveys to get feedback from your prospects. The surveys can be set up through automatic messages sent by email. When creating a survey, you do not want to have more than 3 to 4 questions.

Some questions you can ask are; what do your customers like about your competitors online, and what they do not like about your business. Asking straightforward questions will catch a person’s attention.

In this manner, you can get their honest opinion about your service. To create the survey, you can use SurveyMonkey.com, Zoomerang.com, or you can create a survey with your automatic messages with GetResponse.com.

Third, you need to provide information and value to your customers. This may be done by rewarding the people interested in your business. For example, you can offer free training, support, and tips for marketing. Basically, you need to show what makes your business better than your competitors.

Fourth, you need to focus on existing customers, while building your list of new customers. For example, you can check what people are responding to by using a split test to see what is working on your landing page. The split test can be used on daily messages sent, videos, or images that are on the landing page. Do not change too many things on your landing page, simply because you will not know what is working better.

Fifth, you need to avoid using click funnels. Click funnels can be over whelming and costly. It is possible to make your website simple and attractive by using word press.

Sixth, take all the customers that are active with the business and inform them about what is new in your business. The customers that you have now, need to be given an offer to become more active. Reactivate them into the new ideas, so they can profit themselves. Also, review the people that are inactive, and set up some messages to automatically send to them for a certain amount of days.

Seventh, leverage people’s trust. Find a way to set up two-way deals.

There are many sources to drive traffic to one’s website, which is why if you are looking to start a home business, you need training. Even if you have received training before, there are other tools on the internet that people use to get targeted traffic.

However, most people have not been exposed to these sources. The internet covers a large variety of sources and people. Learning the many tools on the internet to get traffic to your website, can lead to many views–once you have learned how to use these skills.

The economy is not going to go away, because you ignore it. Putting your head in the sand will hurt you and your business. Yes, the recession is real, but you do not have to suffer through it. It is times like this that represent a real opportunity – that is if you choose to go for it today. More market share can be yours if you take action today!

To get the proper training today, check out my number one recommendation, and see many trainings we offer. Once you learn and understand the basics of online marketing, you can be receiving the substantial income about which you have been dreaming.

Alexandra Nowak is currently a member of the worlds largest internet marketing and mentoring program. As an online marketer she has a passion for helping others achieve success in their life and their business by leveraging the power of the internet. To find out more about how you can be earning your income online today, please click link below. Sign up is free.


Ali is currently a member of the worlds largest internet marketing and mentoring program. As an online marketer she has a passion for helping others achieve success in their life and their business by leveraging the power of the internet. To find out more about how you can be earning your income online today contact me personally.

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