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Wealthy Affiliate University-Learn Marketing Success

Wealthy Affiliate University-Learn Marketing Success

If you are reading this, you probably heard about wealthy affiliate. Are you asking yourself, Is Wealthy Affiliate for real? Lets look at all the benefits and find out.

I will be discussing an honest review about wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson in the year of 2005 while they were going through college.

When Kyle and Carson first started internet marketing they had no earlier experience in online marketing. Now the company Wealthy Affiliate has become a real success for many people.

The owners have taught everyday people, like you and me, how to successfully make money with their own business on-line at the internet marketing school, Wealthy Affiliate University.

The company has many benefits to offer as an online marketing company that teaches people how to effectively market online. The training consists of videos that guide their students step-by-step, which are very helpful.

Also, if any help is required there is a community of people within the company that will answer any questions necessary. Last, training is always kept up to date for the members.

The training topics are: niche and Market Research, everything one needs to know about WordPress, writing content, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing, social engagement and marketing, website development and programming, local marketing, video marketing, email marketing, and wealthy affiliate support. Yes, this is all real at Wealthy Affiliate.

Next, I will discuss the support and coaching within the company.

The platform is very basic and user-friendly for all marketers, even beginners. Support is provided Kyle and Carson, as well as the community, which consists of over 850,000 active members. Subscribers get support in the classrooms, in live chat and in the step-by-step video training modules.

Another benefit within the learning program is the available tools.

  • Keyword and Research Tool (Jaaxy)- an affiliate marketer’s main need to succeed in online marketing. The subscribers at Wealthy Affiliate have access to keyword research with no extra cost.
  • One Free Website– all members get access to one free website, which is installed and hosted on state of the art cloud hosting. This allows for no extra fees with hosting.
  • Website Builder Tool-Easy Website Builder allows one to build a completely functioning WordPress website within a few minutes.
  • Templates- for writing. This makes it easy to store and write content for one’s website. Subscribers are able to export whatever they write at the click of a button.
  • Link Tracker-with a subscription one can easily know how well links are performing. In addition to the training and tools, there are great services provided by the company.
  • Campaign Manager-allows marketers to successfully make campaigns.

    Access to Affiliate Bootcamp

In addition to the training and tools, there are great services provided by the company.


The websites are hosted and monitored 24/7 and users get direct access to support if there are any issues. There is one really important service provided, which is website security. There are many computer hackers who create viruses.

The websites that are hosted within the company are monitored and secured daily at no extra cost. Also as mentioned there is full support from the community 24/7 as well.

In conclusion, the online training program is very well put together. Both new and experienced internet marketers can benefit.

Who Does Online Marketing? 

College students choose online marketing to earn extra income to pay for college debt. There are many young people today who have built their careers online. You could be next!

There are people who earn money by writing blogs

Many people write articles for money and there are those who do designs for websites to get extra money

Some people start online business to earn passive income to pay off debt

Many do online marketing so they can work from home and spend time with their family (stay at home moms and dads)

Last, those who want to be independent and want to work for themselves

What are the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. They teach how to build your business online. If you do not have any idea about what business to market online, I would advise doing something you are passionate about.

One example, could be if you know a lot about fitness training, you could easily build a website focused on that. Also, you could do affiliate marketing with amazon and sell baby clothes. The best thing to do when first starting is to choose a hobby.

Here are Wealthy Affiliate we have training to help you find your niche (business), and we have support available, as wealthy affiliate is a community, therefore many people are online willing to help.

Wealthy Affiliate has you start off with two websites that is included in the starter membership for free.

2. Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to build a website from scratch with step by step videos. This allows you to have your own business and not just some campaign online that needs updating.

As a premium member, before March 16th 2020 you are allowed to host up to 25 of your own domains, and 25 websites on their domain. 

After March 16th, 2020 you get one free website and can build 10 websites on the Wealthy Affiliate platform with hosting included.  

3. There are videos that teach you how to get traffic to your website by learning keyword research.

One of the best ways to get traffic is by using social media. Understanding how to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram can make your online business huge. You can learn about google as well.

4. Last, is the affiliate bootcamp training. Wealthy Affiliate also has live webinars.

Wealthy Affiliate has some of the most successful affiliate marketers around the world. There is training from beginner level to advanced training.

You are shown how to turn your visitors on your website into customers for sales. We are here to help you learn. So click the link and find out more, free sign up.

The Whole Package!

  • Free start up membership (no credit card required)
  • Live chat
  • Easy to follow training videos and tutorials
  • Domain names available straight through Wealthy Affiliate
  • Community help and SiteSupport available 24/7
  • Help from the creators when you need it
  • Over 850,000 community members to get help from
  • One Free website 
  • No up-sells
  • Reasonable membership price
  • Keyword Tool
  • Proven to make you money online

Many programs claim to be free only to find out that as you make your way to the other end, they charge you.

Not here, so take your free test drive now! 

One thought on “Wealthy Affiliate University-Learn Marketing Success
  1. Ali,

    Thanks for the great article about how the WA program has been valuable to you. There are a couple of things in my own experience with the program that I think are worthy of underlining:

    1. Access to the community is more important than most people think. I didn’t think it was that big a deal at first, either. As long as I learn how to market online, who needs to talk to a bunch of other people who are trying to learn, too, right? Well, that’s a mistake. That community not only gives great feedback, they’re a willing group of people to help you get your site off the ground with things that are hard for a newbie to pull off in SEO like backlinks, social media shares, comments, etc.

    2. The structure is arranged to where you can incrementally bootstrap if that’s what works best for you. You don’t fork over a bunch of cash up front. You start off totally free with training and up to two websites, and as you want to take advantage of different things, you can start paying for them incrementally as you go.

    Those two things alone would make it worth looking into, especially for someone just starting out.

    1. Yes, the community is great and the fact that the sign up is free is a great reason to check it out. Many online marketing companies charge for the sign up. Then they charge you if you want access to more training. There are no up sells at Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. This is really a good explanation of what WA is all about. I am one to vouch that if you are wanting to try online marketing you must know more than just to build a website. And with this program, you will get all of what you need to get you started in the right direction. The best part is that there is not a lot of upsells like with a lot of other platforms.

  3. Hey Ali thank you for this great review!
    I was really looking into signing up Wealthy Affiliate and wanted to know more about it, and thanks to you, you gave me everything I was looking for.
    I like the fact that the program gives a free starter membership, it’s really hard to find that these days.
    And the fact that they have a good support system like you say, that’s another plus in my book.
    I’m excited to get started and interact with the community!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Honestly WA has been the ONLY place I’ve found that truly gives you everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer. In addition to the training and wordpress platform, you also receive help from other affiliates of all experience levels that can help you out with pretty much anything you need. My personal review? 10/10.

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