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Why Invest In Gold And Silver coins?

Why Invest In Gold And Silver coins?

When you invest in gold and silver coins you actually own a valuable metal.

Having a small investment in gold or silver is very useful way to diversify,

because precious metals are uncorrelated to stocks and bonds.

It is always a good idea take any extra money and invest it in something more valuable like gold or silver.

Especially if you have a stimulus check and you can afford to make the investment.

If you are able to purchase some real assets think of it as increasing your stimulus check long term.

Precious metals store wealth long term and become very useful if an emergency arises.

Having a physical asset in hand means it can be stored outside the financial system, which reduces your risk when the stocks are down.

Investing in precious metals can be done through purchasing physical bullion bars and bullion coins.

This is actually the best investment you can make.

There is another investment you can do, such as gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

But it is not as valuable as having the gold or silver coins in hand.

When investing with ETFs there are some issues that you need to be

aware of if you really want to have a valuable asset.

If you own gold through an ETF, first you don’t own the metal. You have no claim on the metal within the fund.

Therefore, you cannot take the metal out if the need arises.

When you buy physical gold or silver, such as bars or coins, you actually own the precious metals.

And there is less risk as mentioned before because it is not in a fund or bank.

When having an ETF it is a counterparty risk and

most likely they will fail to live up on their obligation to give you money.

Key advantages with investing in gold or silver coins:

  • The gold or silver coin retains its value because it is rare.
  • It won’t lose value, unlike the dollar.
  • coins are highly liquid and easy to trade
  • You own the metal physically in hand

Bullion Bars vs Bullion Coins-What is better investment ?

Bullion coins such as Gold American Eagles, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and krugerrand coins are great investment.

Gold American eagles are really good for most investors.

Mostly because the coins are easily recognizable, easily tradable, and they sell at higher premiums than bars.

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The disadvantage with a 1 oz bullion bar is that the transaction costs are higher.

It is better to buy very large quantities of the large bullion bars, because the premium is lower.

Key points:

  • Coins are best precious metals for those looking to make investment.
  • the coins are easily tradable
  • bullion bars are better for large buyers

The Best Bullion Coins to Get?

Those located in North America can look into buying American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

You can purchase both gold and silver coins.

Those who live in Europe can buy gold or silver Eagles or Austrian Philharmonic coins.

The South African Krugerrand coin is another great investment. The krugerrand is one of the most traded gold coins in the world.

The krugerrand is minted from 91.7% pure gold alloy and contains one troy ounce of gold.

Two other gold coins to buy are the Australian Kangaroo coin and the English Britannia coin.

If you are serious investor don’t buy sovereign coins from lesser known countries.

These type of coins usually cost more and resell for less than the better known coins.

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The purchase must be less than 5 thousand dollars if you want it delivered.

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Key points:

Best gold and silver coins for North American investors are American Eagle, the American Buffalo,

and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Those who live in Europe, Eagles or Austrian Philharmonics are best purchases to make.

The United States may have abandoned gold and silver backing of the dollar, but you can still invest in bullion coins to protect yourself from the dollar’s perpetual decline.

American Eagle Silver coins are a great choice for anyone, regardless if you are just a beginner or a seasoned expert. These coins are recognized and looked for all around the world.

This means they are liquid and will command higher prices when it is time to resell.

Silver Eagle coins will always be increasingly valuable and sought after in the years to come.

If you are worried about the fate of the dollar, buying American Eagle silver coins is one of the best ideas.

What is the Best Place to Buy Gold and Silver?

The best way is to find an online website or

dealer because when times get tough, it can be hard to find a trusted source.

Also, businesses can easily shut down if a crisis hits, such as pandemic (virus).

Therefore, a reliable website is your best choice.

Usually it is best to find a website that has helpful information on what is best to buy.

If you are an investor or looking to buy some precious metals because the time is right,

then check out the gold and silver coins or bars on this website.

It is always safer for you to have gold and silver bullions or bars

secure in hand at home in a vault, than a bank.

Also, it is much easier to sell your precious metals if they are stored in a secure vault

and you don’t have to worry about a counterparty risk.

Key points:

  • Buy bullion coins
  • gold or silver bars in large purchases
  • don’t keep valuable assets in bank

When it comes to having assets in the bank, yes you should have a savings

or some kind of emergency money. However, you should have a reliable investment that you can’t lose with.

Investing in Gold and silver are assets that never lose value.

Also, having emergency money and investments come in handy if you lose your job for a period of time or

if there is a recession happening.

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